To begin the enrollment process, please submit the form below. You will be emailed the CONNECT CO-OP Contract and Council Road Baptist Church Waiver of Liability to be signed and returned with the administrative fee.

Enrollment is not complete until the non-refundable administrative fee and ALL forms are completed and received.   

Your completed enrollment packet must include:  

  • Completed enrollment form (below)

  • Signed CONNECT CO-OP Contract (email)

  • Signed Council Road Baptist Church Waiver of Liability (email)

  • Non-refundable check for CONNECT CO-OP administrative fee


  1. Non-refundable check in the amount of $75 (+ $25 for any additional student) made payable to CONNECT CO-OP for the administrative fee. For example, if you have 2 children enrolled, the administration fee is $100.00. For 3 children, it is $125.00.

    *Early Enrollment Incentive: If you enroll by August 1st, the registration fee will be discounted to $70 per student and $20 for each additional sibling!

  2. $100 at the beginning of each month- September-April (rounds out to $25 a week)

    *New this year: Parents WILL NOT PAY TUITION FOR AUGUST. Each month has 4 Monday classes, except August and December have 2 classes each. The $100 tuition paid in December will “make up” for the 2 August classes as well as the 2 classes in December.  

Name of Student *
Name of Student
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Date of Birth
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Parent/guardian name(s)
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Which parent is the primary educator?
Other than the parent, please include NAME - RELATIONSHIP - PHONE NUMBER
Please list any medical condition and/or prescribed medication that teachers and administrators should be aware of while the student is part of CONNECT CO-Op classes.
Does the student have special needs or requirements (wheelchair accessibility, ADD learning disability, hearing loss, etc.)?